TV Remixes & Mashups using Photoshop

TV Remixes

A mixture of a twisted observation of the world and an unhealthy enthusiasm in Photoshop, which I use on a day to day basis, mainly because of my day job. Every so often I like to see what two elements would look like if it lives under the scenario of ‘never gonna/can happen.’
These are sourced from my Pinterest pin boards.
I struck on the idea of character vs character by the same actor as you sometimes see it in comedy shows. Sheridan Smith once pitched her Two Pints of Lager… character ‘Janet’ against her Grownups contrast ‘Michelle’ for some comedy charity sketch.
Craig Charles’ iconic ‘Lister’ from Red Dwarf gatecrashed ‘himself’ on the Coronation Street set for Red Dwarf: Back to Earth and it made me wonder how difficult it would be to act with yourself if your other self isn’t really there in a take with you.
Photoshop for me is a great way of expressing some creativity and with the right patience, you can really entertain others with the right kind of merging imagery.
It’s also useful for making great personalised occasion cards, especially if you use Moonpig type companies to get personalised cards printed out for loved ones or colleagues.
Mrs Biggs VS Cilla
24 Live Another Day VS Touch
Breaking Bad VD Under The Dome
Mrs. Biggs and Cilla were two big, biopic, ITV productions which centred around ‘real life’ people being portrayed by the acting force known as Sheridan Smith. I placed her ‘Mrs. Biggs’ complete with ‘Ronnie’ on the set of Cilla.
When real-time-drama 24 finished, everyone who needed a Kiefer Sutherland fix was glad when he played a doting, father who could get beat up in Touch. As Touch neared the end of it’s run I noticed that Kiefer’s ‘Martin’ strangely began to morph into 24‘s ‘Jack Bauer,’ add to that the not-so-subtle guest appearances of 24 actors which seem to be a regular occurrence in season two, most notably Annie Wersching who played ‘Renne Walker in 24.’ Live Another Day was commissioned and Kiefer and fans got a another slice of ‘Bauer’ pie so I placed him and ‘Chloe’ on either side of ‘Martin’ and ‘Jake.’
Who is the bigger or badder ass? Dean Norris‘ ‘Hank’ in Breaking Bad or ‘Big Jim’ in Under the Dome? It’s hard to tell the difference in portrayal’s by Norris is in their swag. ‘Hank’ has a high powered, big city type swag whereas ‘Big Jim’s’ swag is a bit more ‘country.’ I wedged ‘Jim’ in between ‘Hank’ and Aaron Paul‘s legendary ‘Jesse Pinkman.’
Orange is the New Black VS Little Britain
24 VS Geordie Shore

Fresh Prince of Bel Air VS Downton Abbey

I don’t watch Downton and the most I’ve watched was the Diddy spoof where it appeared to contrast two cultures. So I did it with ‘Will’ and ‘Geoffrey’ and the Downton Cast.
The Orange is the New Black phenomenon includes some very ‘out there’ characters in scenes that could almost be very funny, comedy sketches. Imagine Matt Lucas as ‘Vicky Pollard’ from Little Britain incarcerated with the OITNB inmates. ‘She’ would probably not be out of place as a plot device character.
Could you imagine ‘Jack Bauer’ having to rescue members of MTV‘s Geordie Shore house? If ‘Jack’ can Live Another Day in London, then why not in Newcastle? I swapped ‘Chloe’ for… the one with the bubble gum and managed to tuck her cleavage into ‘Chloe’s jacket, spinkle the ground with cheap booze and a kebab and slotted a landmark, Newcastle bridge behind the upturned taxi complete with Newcastle FC badge splashed on it’s side.
For more ‘TV Mash Ups‘ and videos where I’ve remixed, theme tunes and retro TV ads, visit my Pinterest board.

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