My Unbelievable yet Real Employment CV 

Because everyone I encounter wonders why I can empathise with most work situations and it seems that I’ve done every job under the Sun, I’ve compiled a full(ish) list of every type of job I’ve been employed to do.

This spans around 21 years of my life, there’s been a fair few ‘one offs’ and temporary positions.
I’ve also spent a lot of my adult life having a day job and some kind of freelance/hobby type job, mainly because I get to channel some creative energy that way.
This is definitely not the CV I talk to prospective employers about but they get the picture eventually.
My excuse? I only really discovered what I wanted to do a couple years ago… so there!
Here’s all my jobs, more or less:
‘Photography Shop’, Sales Assistant (Chiswick, London) – Work Experience

Assistant Electrician
(Kingston, London) – Freelance

, Stock Room Assistant (Brent Cross, London) – Work Experience‘Guitar Shop,’ Shop Assistant (Crouch End, London) – Work Experience

Youth Sports Instructor
(Hendon, London) – Weekends and School Holidays

National Lottery’s Winning Lines
Telephonist (Fountain Studios, London) – 4 week runYouth Theatre, General Maintencance and Set Decorator (Finchley, London)

(various one offs and long term residencies) – 1998 – present

Monsta! Radio
Programme Controller (Northampton) – Voluntary

Chicken Factory, Production Line Operative (Northampton) – Temp

Bowling Alley, Barman and Lane Sales (Northampton) – Full Time

Student Radio Specialists, Development Manager (Northampton) – Full Time

Telecoms Company, Call Centre Customer Service Assistant (Northampton) – Full Time

Global Financial Institute, Call Centre, Product Helpline Technician (Northampton) – Full Time

Telecoms Shop, Sales Assistant (Northampton) – Part Time

Car Insurance, Call Centre Customer Service Assistant (Northampton) – Full Time

Telecoms Company, Call Centre Customer Helpline Assistant (Wellingborough) – Full Time

News Publisher, Cheque Processor (Sydney, Australia) – Temp

Telecoms Company, Field Sales Rep (Sydney, Australia) – Temp

UK Bank, TV Commercial Extra (Sydney, Australia) – As and when required

Film Studio, Receptionist/Runner (Sydney, Australia) – Temp

Australian Bank, Admin Assistant (Sydney, Australia) – Temp

Telecoms Company, Telesales Rep (Melbourne, Australia) – Full Time

Data Entry Company, Data Entry Clerk (Northampton) – Temp

DIY HQ, Data Entry Clerk (Northampton) – Temp

Estate Agents, Sales Negotiator (Northampton) – Full Time (Two different agents)

Magazine, Photographer (Northampton) – Freelance
Magazine, Sales Rep and Features Writer (Northampton) – Full Time

Oriental Restaurant, Food Delivery Driver (Northampton) – As and when required

Pub, Barman (various) – As and when required, 3 different pubs

Electrical Appliance Call Centre, Customer Complaints Assistant (Peterborough) – Temp

Royal Mail Cleaning Agency, Depot Sweeper (Peterborough) – Temp

Prison Service, Operational Support Guard, – Temp

Coca-Cola, Telesales/Telemarketing Rep (Peterborough) – Temp

Media Company, Telesales (Peterborough) – Full Time
Media Company, Advert Production (Peterborough) – Full Time

Wadenhoe House, Waiter/Barman (nr. Peterborough) As and when required

Telemarketing Service, Telesales/Telemarketing (Peterborough) – Temp

Media Company, Web Content Exec (Peterborough) – Full Time

Generic Call Centre, Telesales (Liverpool) – Temp

Liverpool City Council, Communications Exec (Liverpool) – Temp
Liverpool City Council, Business Admin Assistant (Liverpool) – Temp

National Taxi Service, Sales and Marketing Assistant (Wirral) – Temp

Pets at Home HQ, Web Content Exec (Manchester) – Temp

University of Salford, Web Content Exec/Project Manager (Salford) – Rolling Contract

FloGas Call Centre, Customer Service Assistant (Peterborough) – Temp

(Unnamed) Website, Web Content Exec (Peterborough) – Temp

Media Consultant, Website Content Exec and Audio Production – Freelance

Property Buying Education Company, Digital Marketing Assistant (Peterborough) – Full Time

Health Research Organisation, Warehouse Maintenance and Admin Rep (Peterborough) – Full Time

Costs Laywers/Compensation Claims Company, Digital Marketing Exec (St. Ives, Cambridge)

Cambridge Pub, Digital Marketing Consultant/Exec – Regular ongoing Freelance since 2014

Agricultural Company, Digital Marketing Exec (Bourne, Lincolnshire) – Full Time

Publishing Company, Digital Production Planner (Bourne, Lincolnshire) – Full Time

Builders’ Merchanting & Home Improvement retailing Group, eLearning Designer (Northampton) – Temp

Worldwide IT Distribution Company, eCommerce Exec (Milton Keynes) – Full Time

Printing & Packaging Company, Digital Marketing Exec (Raunds, Northamptonshire) – Full Time

Global Financial Institute, eLearning Designer (Northampton) – Full Time  


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