The Real Daddy Experience
Separated by a forced hospital stay for nearly a week, pizza and Netflix on mobile phone dates, my partner and I prepare for the arrival of our son into the world just as someone close to us leaves it.

The Real Daddy Experience Part 2
Night time feeds and a strong sense of quick routine building. How do you muck in when you’re not mummy…

The Top 3, Best, Worst Jobs I’ve Ever Had
An iconic UK TV advert shot in a foreign land, how to keep sane in a repetitive job and what it’s like to deliver take away food.

No DJ Just Pushes Buttons, Right?
The journey from Vinyl to mp3 brings out lovers, haters, hipsters and weddings. A look at how I approach my DJ work and why I’ve been successful at it.

Why Don’t I Work in Radio Now? Student Radio!
A warm retrospective about late 90s, Northampton university days, radio shows, offensive characters, turning down a famous girl band and how to cope with four guys named Ian…

Bowling Alley DJs – Serious Craft or Cheesy?
Living in the shadow of radio presenter, the life and times of entertaining a bowling alley and working with two local legends when you’re the brains but not the braun of an operation…

The Day I Cried for 45 mins in Public, Aged 23
Two Brit mates in Sydney, Australia, a near death experience and a free Dido gig lead to a long train journey home in tears…

5 Awkward Things I’ve Witnessed Through Work
A drunk MD, an MD under attack from an angry neighbour, an ill timed office prank, being left with a bar bill and a line manager reduced to tears by foul language…

5 More Awkward Things I’ve Witnessed Through Work
Discovering the sack before it happens, why microphones and toilets don’t mix, an Aussie fired before a job starts, why you should never ask a prisoner what he’s ‘in for’ and the best drunken exit to a job in the world ever!

My Pre-Xmas Urge to Sleep Hospital Drama
A trip to a walk in centre ends in an Ambulance ride to the hospital and a race to be out before Christmas