DJ Sets

I’ve been doing this a while now. My first ever public gig was ages 8 and I’ve been doing it seriously albeit on and off for nearly 20 years, which includes long term residencies, spectacular one off functions and the odd wedding here and there.

I currently have a once a month, residency at The Royal Standard, in Blackheath, South East London.

Here are some recorded sets of mine for you to enjoy.

Timbaland Mix Tape

A selection of super producer Timbaland’s finest work, ranging from beats and hooks provided for Missy & Jay-Z to collaborations with Magoo, Justin Timberlake and Madonna. There’s a lot a songs in here for the hour…

Close to the Edge

A frantic smash and grab through some uplifting Hip-Hop bouncing off both sides of the Atlantic. From Bristol, UK with Buggsy to New York’s finest with some trademark DJ Bazz Facey curve balls thrown in for good measure

The Elicit Mix

130 BPM of non-stop, glossy, shake-down, tunes from the summer of 2016, sprinkled with some dirty, modern, classics mixed flawlessly by UK DJ Bazz Facey

Retro Respect

Recorded in 2009 with a bunch of ageing funky house records, this truly is a retro set for House heads circa 2000s


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